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The block RJ-ONN-2003/2 is located in the Rajasthan Basin in North West India.

Comprising an area of 13,195 square km, the Block was put up for competitive bid by Indian Government as part of "NELP-V"round in the year 2005. This round has been the most successful in terms of transparency, numbers of bids received and exploration commitments made, ever since the hydrocarbon exploration opened for private participation under New Exploration Licensing Policy of Indian Government.

There has been virtually no exploration in the entire Block so far.

The Block is located adjacent/north of block RJ-ON-90/1, owned by Cairn Energy, PLC. This block has been one of the most successful exploration story of recent times with a total of 18 discoveries to date and estimated reserves of more than 3.5 billion barrels of oil in place.

13,195 sq. km exploration acreage sharing boundary with large to giant oil fields of the Barmer Basin with 3.6 billion reserves owned by Cairn Energy - which includes Mangla, Bhagyam & Aishwariya.

On west side, the block is surrounded by the large gas & condensate fields of the Indus Basin with several multi TCF gas reserves and additional discoveries by Focus in adjacent block RJ-ON/6.
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