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Please fill in the following.
Position : Site Accountant Job Profile:
Min.2- 3 yrs of experience with knowledge of Tally, excel, Inventory, Costing, and ERP
Name :
Email :
Contact no :
Alternative Phone no :
D.O.B :
Maximum Qualification :
Total Experience :
Current Annual Salary :
Expected Annual Salary :
Current Location :
Country :
Gender : Male   Female
Attach Resume :
Attach passport size photo :
Question 1: Have you ever worked on a Project site as a site accountant where you are away from the market and pre-planning is important? If yes please give full details.
Answer : Character limit 320.
Question 2: Are you prepared to live in Jaisalmer site office for 5 months or do you prefer the Delhi office. Salary at Jaisalmer site is higher.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 3: What is the main duty of the site accountant according to you. Is it weekly trial balance or is it Monthly profit and loss account or is it weekly physical reconciliation of stores inventory?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 4: Do you have experience of working online with head office accounts. If yes please give details of which software you use.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 5: Does site payroll also come under you In your current location?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 6: Do you have experience of accounts of a departmentally run canteen for staff and worker? If yes please give details.
Answer : Character limit 160.


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