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Do you understand that Oil and Gas is nearly always found in harsh condition like the hot desert or the desolate deep sea. So before you embark on this journey please evaluate your options. You can always work in a call-center or even as a white collar engineer in a Metro town. Of course there is a bright side to this sacrifice. Oil industry is one of the best paid industry with world Wide demand for your skills. Focus Energy Limited is one of the few companies which takes on raw-graduates and sends them through a rigorous 3-year stipend based on the job training. It is five months at the site with one month off with full pay and TA.
Question 1: If you are using a hand drill to drill a hole in the wall, what would you do for drill faster?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 2: When one drills a water tube well what is the role of water in drilling that well?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 3: If you had to screw a bolt on a nut how would you avoid over tightening?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 4: If you were operating a crane how would you lower the load gently?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 5: If a diesel engine is connected directly to a rotating device (without any gears of transmission) then how will you control the RPM of the attached rotating device?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 6: How much weight can you personally lift unaided by any help or Kg?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 7: If a nut and bolt is not used for some time then what will you do to unfasten them?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 8: If you feel any digital meter in front of you is not accurate and you want to double check it how would you do it?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 9: What is your personal method to assure that the 7 or 8 or 10 things you have to do get done. There is no right or wrong answer but everyone has their own method. What is your method?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 10: if it is 30 degree temperature on the ground then do you think it will be cooler or hotter at 1000 meters below the ground?
Answer : Character limit 160.


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