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Position : HVAC Engineer Job Profile:
Having experience of installation, maintenance and possibly designing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units or systems.
Name :
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Contact no :
Alternative Phone no :
D.O.B :
Maximum Qualification :
Total Experience :
Current Annual Salary :
Expected Annual Salary :
Current Location :
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This Position required at Gurgaon
Question 1: For a 100 ton plant, which is the best energy efficient solution in terms of compressor and cooling power?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 2: How much fresh air must be injected in an office building as per WHO. Do you think buildings in India do that?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 3: DO you know the BRYAIR air to air recovery system? What is the better heat exchanger between outlet and inlet air?
Answer : Character limit 320.


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