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Position : GM - Fabrication Shop Job Profile:
Should set up high pressure welding shop from scratch with ASME specs.
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Question 1: Have you ever started a fabrication shop from start? If yes then please give details as to the when and where.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 2: Please list the kind of machinery required to set up a fabrications shop to make heat-exchangers, glycol/gas columns, amine heaters, manifolds etc. Do you also know of suppliers of these machineries?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 3: Are you familiar with ASME, PD-500, TEMA, API etc standards? If yes please give details.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 4: Please give details of project where you coordinated work between design engineers and fabricators in detailed design calculations, shop fabrication drawings and also trouble shooting of design problems and shop floor execution.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 5: How would you Minimize Re-work and maximize resource optimization.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 6: In the Indian manufacturing scenario how easy and difficult is it to get time bound engineering deliverable to clients and get accuracy in material requirement estimates to procurement department. Please comment from your experience.
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 7: Your views on manpower. Where would you get the fitters and welders and foreman etc to come and work in Jaisalmer?
Answer : Character limit 160.


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