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Position : Second Class Engine Driver Job Profile:
Min. Years experience.
Name :
Email :
Contact no :
Alternative Phone no :
D.O.B :
Maximum Qualification :
Total Experience :
Current Annual Salary :
Expected Annual Salary :
Current Location :
Country :
Gender : Male   Female
Attach Resume :
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Question 1: What is the maximum HP engine handled by you for main engine and DG and of what make?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 2: How do you maintain the engine cooling temperature in a vessel and give equipment details used for the same?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 3: What are the crucial items you will always keep monitoring in the engine room?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 4: Do you have the valid STCW 95 safety certificates (PST, PSSR, EFA & FPFF) and passport for marine operation in a tug. Also do you have valid CDC and INDOS.?
Answer : Character limit 160.
Question 5: What is the best type of sea water pump used in the vessels?
Answer : Character limit 160.


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