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New Gas based Projects

Northern India constitute a very big market for fuel. Most of this market has to depend upon much costlier fuels like FO, diesel, Naphtha etc. as there is practically no supplies of gas in the absence of pipeline to connect large part of this area. These fuel mix costs an average of $20-30/mmbtu to the consumers and gas can provide an excellent alternative, specially with added advantage of carbon credit, which is huge upside.
Focus gas discovery is the only credible and nearest gas supply access for these markets.
Theoretically, new gas from Reliance field and imported LNG is projected to reach Delhi and possibly to other northern states. However, given the additional 1000-2000 km of distance, transportation costs and big demand for gas near the supply source itself, Focus gas will always be competitive and practical source for supply to these markets.
To access these lucrative markets, Focus is planning following key projects through special purpose vehicles (SPV):
  • 24 Pipeline from Jaiselmer to Dhabwali, Punjab - costing over $1 billion.
  • LNG (Gas liquefaction) Plant at Jaiselmer initially costing ~$500 million. Similar plants will be installed at Punjab and near Delhi in due course to allow micro distribution of gas.
  • Power Plant of around 400 MW in Jaiselmer.
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