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Founded by Mr. Ajay Kalsi, Focus Energy Limited is part of an established Multi-Product, Multi-Division Group which has interests in a well diversified portfolio of manufacturing, trading and service sector activities.

Focus has obtained vast expertise in the field of oil and gas exploration in spite of entering in a new venture. Focus has won following blocks in competitive bidding facing tough competition from established companies from India and abroad:

Ø  1993 - Rajasthan Block RJ-ON/6 (Pre-NELP)
Ø  1994 - Gujarat Block GK-ON/4 (Pre-NELP)
Ø  2005 - Rajasthan Block RJ-ONN-2003/2 in NELP-V
Ø  2006 - Gulf of Khambat Block CB-OSN-2004/1 in NELP VI

Focus Energy is a young and growing company in the Oil and Gas exploration business, commencing real exploration work during 2003 by starting seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation of earlier available data. Focus Energy commenced the drilling of first well in 2004 and within less than 2 years, have announced potentially the biggest on-land gas discovery in India in our Rajasthan Block RJ-ON/6 on 22nd May 2006.

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