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The block GK-ON/4, covering an area of 1,162 Sq. km, is located in the northwestern onland part of the Kutch basin. The Kori creek passes through the center of this block.

Single well - Lakhpat-1 was drilled in this block.

Bulk of the block is characterized by absence or very insignificant manifestation of Late Cretaceous trappean activity and shallow to middle shelf facies for all succession within the regionally oil-bearing depth interval (up to 2500 m.).


This block is part of lower Indus basin, which currently accounts for over 50% of oil production of Pakistan from various small fields located in its Badin area, which is very near to this Block.

The block area encompasses parts of Mainland ridge and the depression north of it. Presence of more than 3,000 m of sediments in this part of the basin has been indicated by the results of the well Lakhpat – 1 drilled within this block.

The data of well Lakhpat – 1 and the outcrops reveal the presence of abundant clean sandstones, developed in the Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Jhuran and Bhuj formations, which form excellent reservoirs sealed effectively by interbedded shales. The Jhuran Formation of Late Jurassic age has been rated as a very good source sequence. In the depression to the north of the Mainland ridge and its western and southwestern extension in the offshore, virtually encircling the block, the Jhuran Formation is likely to be buried adequately to provide rich charge areas. Mild bubbling of combustible gas containing C1 to C6 components during testing a limestone reservoir of Middle – Upper Jurassic Jumara Formation is significant in this context.

Sparse seismic coverage has precluded understanding of the subsurface structural configuration in the region of this block. Strong possibility of presence of numerous structural and Stratigraphic plays exists within this block, as suggested by the pronounced structural differentiation in the region of the block indicated by surface geological data. Contiguity of the block to the hydrocarbon-producing South Indus basin of Pakistan on the northeast and the offshore region of the Kutch basin on the south where oil and gas pools have been discovered, proves the prospectivity of the block.

The Block is located within immediate vicinity of several large oil fields (known as “Badin fields”) responsible for >90% of Pakistan's domestic oil production.
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