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The promoter of Focus Energy does not have Oil and Gas experience to match the experience of big oil and gas exploration companies.

We at Focus do not claim any prior Oil and Gas experience. Our promoters are not Geologist, Geophysicist or Reservoir Engineers. They are highly experienced entrepreneurs and supported by a professional team having required oil and gas experience.

This entrepreneur way of working has worked for us and is largely responsible for the
recent gas discovery.

Focus has acquired in-house expertise in managing most of the upstream functions as follows:
Onshore drilling operations;
Operation of work-over rigs;
Logistics & Rig Movement;
Managing communications and automated information systems can deliver real-time drilling information on various including mobile phones;
Mud engineering & mud logging operations;
Cementing operations;
Casing operations;
Open hole DST;
Cased hole logging;
Completion & testing;
Check shot surveys; and
Seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation.
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