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"Only about 3 years in exploration, Focus has announced India's largest onland Gas Discovery "
Focus Energy Limited is an independent oil and gas exploration and development company with 4 blocks in India. Focus Energy holds PSC to explore and develop onland and offshore oil and gas properties in India known as "RJ-ON/6", “RJ-ONN-2003/2” “GK-ON/4and "CB-OSN-2004/1"– encompassing a total area of 21000 square km.

4,026 Sq. Km onshore block
situated in Rajasthan (Next to
the prolific gas discoveries of Pakistan)
1,162 Sq. Km onshore block
situated in Gujarat (Next to Badin oil discoveries of Pakistan)
13,195 Sq. Km. onshore
block adjacent to RJ-ON/06.
(Next to Mangala oil field of
Cairn Energy)
2,616 Sq. Km shallow water block situated in Gulf of Khambat
(Part of the first block to go into production in NELP-I)
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